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We love carbon fiber because it's the epitome of modern luxury. With its sleek black appearance, ultra light weight and super strength, it deserves to be called the new black. While most know of its use in exotic race cars, aerospace and high-end bicycles, we take it to another level by bringing it into your lifestyle. We search around the globe for luxury products and gifts made with carbon fiber, you can browse our curated collection and bring carbon fiber into your world.

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This Month in Carbon Fiber

This Month in Carbon Fiber: August 2015

Read about all of the carbon fiber industry news and happenings in August 2015.

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Baumstein on Boat

Professional Expeditionist Attempts to be First Woman to Row the Pacific in Carbon Fiber Watercraft

Sonya Baumstein, professional expeditionist, attempts to sail the high seas on a carbon fiber rowboat.

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Carbon fiber wheel for Ford

Ford Finally Does It, Creates World’s First Mass-Produced Carbon Fiber Wheels

Major car manufacturer mass produces carbon fiber wheels for the first time ever.

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